Ante Projetos Magazine - Materfut Article

For over 40 years, designers have been using Corian® in hotels due to its inherent properties in terms of hygiene,
practicality and creative flexibility.
Around the world, Corian® is at the heart of some of the most outstanding and innovative contemporary hospitality projects.
Internationally renowned designers use Corian® to create beautiful, functional environments and offer extreme comfort to guests.
Almost anything is possible using Corian®. Its unique properties allow designers to play with shapes and adapt the material to any space.
The thermoforming capacity of Corian® and its different colors open up design possibilities that are not offered by products based on natural stones. Aesthetically combined with other materials, Corian® fits well in any environment, from classic to contemporary, from simple to highly exclusive.
Corian® Remodeling and Maintenance
Quickly remodeling, Corian® is an excellent solution for remodeling and/or maintenance in hotels.
Corian® Restaurants and Bars
Hotel restaurants and bars are places where guests relax and socialize.
With a huge variety of colors and design possibilities, Corian® allows hotel owners to create an intimate, inviting environment or maintain a strong brand presence within a hotel chain.
A worthwhile investment
Corian® offers lower costs in terms of maintenance and cleaning, repair or replacement.
This means that, in the long term, Corian® offers an excellent return on investment.