Materfut brings together clients for the Corporate Meeting 2023 event


Materfut was established in 2001, by a group of people with vast experience in their field of activity, in a selected range of products. The careful selection of products, a serious and personalised approach to the market and a continuous effort in improving processes account for its successive sustainable growth.

Materfut is dedicated to the marketing, distribution and processing of innovative interior and exterior surface cladding products, and was recently appointed by DuPont as the official distributor for Corian® throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

To this end, on 2 June Materfut had the privilege of welcoming its clients to the Corporate Meeting 2023 event. According to the company, it was a memorable day that strengthened personal, professional and institutional ties.

On this day, Materfut, together with Dupont, showcased Corian® novelties to its clients, as well as all the sustainable solutions for interior/exterior 3D cladding.

The meeting reaffirmed the company's commitment to its clients, a personalised service that keeps the foundation of its values, such as seriousness and transparency, in mind.

Corian® is an advanced material composed of aluminium hydroxide and natural minerals. It comes in a wide range of colours and offers a distinctive finish that interacts with light in a fascinating way. Whatever the nature of your project, whether minimalist or ornate, curved or angular, Corian® allows for total creative freedom.

Corian® is synonymous with innovation through beauty, colour and depth. But above all, it's inspiration - an exceptional material that balances innovation with performance. With barely perceptible seams, it transforms any space, indoors or outdoors, giving freedom to design, explore and create.

Corian® adds personality to virtually every type of environment, enhancing and facilitating the lives of those who use it and enjoy its unique potential.

Since its launch, Corian® has proved to be extremely durable and versatile, easily applied in residential and commercial environments. It resists most impacts and scratches occurring in frequently used areas.

It is a non-porous surface, meaning that dirt and stains, as well as bacteria and fungi that remain only on the surface, are easily removed. Once cleaned, the Corian® surface is truly clean.

The glues used provide a finish with imperceptible seams, giving a smooth surface that makes it possible to create large pieces. Long counters, for example, can easily be divided into smaller parts and joined together at the installation site.

One of the brand's big priorities has been 3D façade cladding, in which Corian® Exterior makes it possible to produce façade sections formed in two or three sizes, as well as profiled corner sections, thereby creating a perfectly matching façade in connecting areas.

Corian® Exteriors panels are mechanically attached to a substructure fixed to the external wall of new or existing (refurbishment) buildings.

Corian® Exteriors adds personality to virtually any type of environment, improving and facilitating the lives of those who use and enjoy its unique potential.

With Corian®, Materfut does not wait for things to happen, it makes them happen!